Léne is an extraordinary machine (itcomesnobetter) wrote in canyon_lake,
Léne is an extraordinary machine

free to good home...

of course they all start with that...


i have 2 puppies. my roommate and i got them before we moved out, and unexpectedly got kicked out. we need a good home for 2 half shnauzer half poodle pups. they are both girls. brown, one light brown one dark brown. they are precious pups but we cannot afford to keep them in our new apartment. they are not yet potty trained, and should be, but we got them and then like i said, unexpectedly got kicked out (for other reasons). so we haven't had time nor patience to train them. oh yea, they are sisters and they are about um 8 or 9 months old. they are very very lovable, sweet dogs. i wish i could keep them, as does my roommate, but this is impossible for us. they come with retractable leashes and spike collars (heh, they are so cute!).

my phone number is 2102649930 if you are interested. please help me find them a new home!
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